are cool to wear with all kinds 
of shoes including, athletic shoes, boots, 
roller skates, and Heelys. Clip-itz are available in a variety of styles, types and colors for whatever your interests are, like Football, Baseball, & Soccer for boys or gorgeous Jewel & Sparkles flowers, rhinestones and colorful 
butterflies for girls.
shoelace clips  
were created for children all across the 
land that were having a hard time keeping their shoelaces tied. To solve 
this bothersome problem we invented a 
new product that would keep their 
shoelaces tied in a fun unique way 
and make them stylish 
at the same time. 
are great to wear 
any day of the week and they 
are not just for the kids, 
they are for everyone. 
So please go to our Products Page 
and find the right 
Clip-itz for you.
We have a pair of Clip-itz for everyone, we even have cool flashing light up Clip-itz that are awesome for decorating your 
roller skates.
Clip-itz featured on MSNBC's The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch!
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